What is a Psychic Vampire?

What is a Psychic Vampire

What is a Psychic Vampire?

Have you ever been around a person that demands large amounts of your time and energy?

In fact, do you feel drained after each time that you meet with them? If so, they that person is probably a psychic vampire. While the very name conjures images of a Dracula-type figure of other-worldly powers, the truth is that these are ordinary human beings who have managed to tap into your energy and drain it into themselves.

A psychic vampire is basically a person that hunts for the psychic energy that is provided by the attention that is given to them. In some ways, they could be considered like children who have a need for attention and demand of our time who have yet to really grow up.

While their personalities could be mature in nature, they still need the attention and the energy given by others.

Sometimes it is subtle, but other times it is overt in nature where they charm us, present themselves as victims, use anger or even desperation to reach their goal of draining us of the energy that we have.

While their approaches might be different, the end result is that they are pulling our energy away from us by involving ourselves in their demands. Unfortunately, most people will get pulled into this cauldron because it is our nature to want to be helpful.

However, the underlying purpose of a psychic vampire whether they realize it or not is to pull our energy through the attention we provide so that they can gain sustenance from it. Speak with a live fortune teller online in free chat to help better assist you. Sign up for free psychic chat rooms online.

How to Deal with a Psychic Vampire

If you are facing someone who leaves you drained because of the attention that they demand the first thing you should remember is to not take it personally. After all, it’s not really about you, but the energy that you provide that fills them with what they need. Until they realize who they are, they will continue to try and pull the energy from others.

While psychic vampire is a rather loaded term, it is an accurate one that you should remember when having to deal with them.

It is best not to be blunt, but instead be compassionate about who they are because at this point in their lives they really don’t understand the impact that they are having.

If you seem to attract people that drain your energy, then you need to take an accounting of who you are. While all of us will meet and interact with a psychic vampire in our lives, those of us who repeatedly run into them need to understand their upbringing which may be having a big influence.

A person who was raised to believe that their own self worth comes from meeting the needs of others is like a magnet to psychic vampires who can freely feed off of their energy. In fact, it could be argued that some people even unknowingly seek out psychic vampires so that they can fulfill that need in their lives. Sign up for free psychic chat rooms online.

Once recognized the proper response is one of compassion and not diving into the needs that psychic vampires bring.

Remember that it is the control that we have over ourselves that is the greatest defense against a psychic vampire. It is rather inevitable that you will run into them from time to time, so the best strategy is to conserve your energy and involvement until you can reason the situation out.

A good example is how when someone may criticize you for some action you took that you thought was correct, you basically have two choices.

You can either seethe about it all day long and let it build up over time or you can put it aside and put it into your memory where it is no longer in the present. By acting on the latter, you can save yourself a great deal of energy and keep things in perspective as well.

Psychic Vampire

Also remember that in some cases there is no correct path or one that will free you totally of the energy that a psychic vampire will pull from you. This is because we are caring human beings that want the best for our friends.

If they are going through a tough time then it can be quite difficult not to get involved and have your energy drained. So, you will have to be careful and recognize the times in which you are being drained so that you can pull away enough to protect yourself.

It will not be easy, but fortunately by being happy and ebullient you can keep yourself from falling into that hole.

Of course, it may be that you are a psychic vampire even if you do not realize it. You will need to examine your own state of being to see how you treat your friends and family. If you are on an endless search for love, approval or validation, you may very well be pulling energy away from others.

If you suspect that this is happening, you will need to stop and evaluate your actions from as impartial point of view as you can find.

If it is true, then you will need to change gears and project love and compassion for others as fulfillment may be gained if you take the time to give of yourself rather than just take.

A psychic vampire is one that you need to be on the lookout for as they will cling to you for the energy that you have.
Plus, they can feed on the negative energy as well as the positive, so just rebuking them while staying in contact still fulfills their needs and drains your energy in the meantime.

One sure way to spot one is that they never actually blame themselves for anything and will head off into the “victim” mode so they can reap as much sympathy as possible. Basically, where you see the “drama” happening is the cave of the psychic vampire, so be sure and avoid that trap!

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