Channeling Reading Online


Channeling Reading Online

Essentially, channeling is the communication between a living person and a consciousness that is no longer in human form. We often think of channeling as the communication between the living and the dead, however, we live in a multi-dimensional universe where our physical plane is only one of several that currently exists.

We are in the physical plane and the next level is the astral plane which we inhabit before our physical bodies are born and after we pass from the Earth. There are other planes as well that also are inhabited, yet all of these planes are connected even if we have difficulty perceiving them.

While most communication is performed with those who have passed from the Earth, there are also the spirits of the animals and extraterrestrials that come from other worlds.

The actual channeling is the communication that is conducted with a spirit guide that lives in the astral plane. Although in theory channeling can be performed with any consciousness that lives in the astral plane or higher plane of existence, it is usually done with someone that has a strong connection with the person on Earth.

In order to make the connection, a medium on Earth is generally needed to help bring the spirit into contact with our plane. However, this form of communication may be more accurately described as “mediumship” which overlaps the art of channeling. The real form of channeling is to gain higher knowledge that is generally outside this plane of existence in order to better understand our own lives on Earth. Join now, sign up for free psychic readings online chat.

How Channeling Works for You

The knowledge that is being sought is often personal in terms of our lives. For example, channeling helps people in understanding the issues that are going on in a relationship, seeing things from the point of view of another person and so forth. The information provided can be quite useful and is usually not the type that is found when working with more conventional therapists.

Channeling brings unique insight to a person so that they can make more informed decisions about what they need to do.

While a medium can help bring a person from the astral plane in communication with you, the true channeling experience seeks to increase the overall intelligence and tap into the wisdom that is provided on these levels of existence.

It is true that there is a great deal about channeling that is not fully understood and many people will have different types of experiences when engaged in this process. The higher centers found in the upper planes of existence can connect to universal ideas of love , energy and truth that can bring valuable insight into our daily lives.

Essentially, people should seek out online channeling in order to get a better understanding of the worlds beyond ours that have insight into our daily lives. It is as if you could get information from a place that sees everything so that you can then have the ability to know what to do when faced with certain situations.

Online Channeling is certainly an art form that offers many benefits for those who can utilize its true potential.