Vedic Astrology

Vedic Astrology

Many psychics across the United States are incorporating Vedic Astrology into their readings done at our free online psychic chatrooms. What is so remarkable about Vedic Astrology and why should you know about it? We discuss this at length. Read on!

The psychic’s who you will meet at our free online psychic chatrooms would tell you that you shouldn’t ever judge someone on the basis of just a sign, but look at the whole person. Vedic Astrology helps you do that.

This ancient field of study is a powerful that looks at the whole person – the person you are interested in having a long term relationship with, perhaps even get married to, and tells you whether the two of you make a good fit.

There are many things that only Vedic astrology can reveal about the future of a relationship, about the kind of man or woman you’re truly compatible with, the ideal romantic partner for the journey of your life.

When you go for a reading at a free online psychic chatroom, make sure that the psychic has at least some knowledge of Vedic astrology.

So, what is Vedic astrology anyway?

Vedic astrology or jyotish as it is called in India, is an ancient Indian science of predicting the future. It is called a “science of light” because it is based on observing the motion of celestial bodies and how they reflect their light and energy on Earth, thereby affecting human events. It is based on the Vedas – which are the oldest written texts in human civilization, written over 8000 years ago.

How is Vedic astrology different from Western astrology?

Western astrology is also called Tropical astrology and differs largely from Vedic astrology. For one, Western astrology is based entirely on the Sun,and the relationship between the Earth and the Sun, while Vedic astrology as discussed earlier is based on the relationship between the Earth and stars in the Universe.

Vedic astrology may be described as pertaining to the stars. It makes use of the Stellar Zodiac, and looks to the fixed stars of the constellations to determine their influence on human lives.

Vedic astrology doesn’t believe that the relationship between the Sun and the Earth is an accurate way of measuring the astrological signs, because of what it describes as the precession of the equinoxes.

What that means is that the Earth spins like a top in one direction, but wobbles in another, so about 50 seconds are lost every year. Which means that for every 72 years, Earth loses one day while revolving around the Sun.

And that is why, according to Vedic astrology just depending on the relationship between the Sun and the Earth to determine astrological signs is not a completely accurate and is actually prone to errors, when it comes to predicting the future.

Astronomy and Vedic astrology

Another significant difference between Vedic astrologers and Western astrologers is that the Vedics have no problem incorporating Astronomy in their studies, but historically, there has always been a conflict between Western astrologers and astronomers.

Neither have respected the other, and each has completely ignored the other. Astronomers in the West scoff at astrology.

But the Vedic astrologers are astronomers in their own right and this allows them to be more accurate and more scientific about their predictions.

In the Western system of astrology, because of the errors caused because of the precession of the equinoxes, signs overlap. Indeed, over centuries, the dates for the Sun signs have varied by as many as 25 days. So somebody who’s a Scorpio may well turn out to be a Sagittarius, for instance. Hence this is not a completely accurate way of measuring the signs.

What Vedic Astrology can do:

Vedic astrology can predict just when a person’s career may take off, or when it might flag down; when a person can have good health, or when he or she may suffer from poor health; whether two people are compatible with each other, should they or shouldn’t they marry, are they likely to be happy in the future, and how many children are they likely to have.

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