Remote Viewing Reading Online

Remote Viewing Reading Online

Remote Viewing Reading Online

You may have heard about remote viewing, but probably do not understand exactly what it means. This is certainly understandable as this type of ability is often associated with ESP. However, remote viewing does not require any special ability, unusual talent or increased mental powers in order to experience.

Today, there are untold thousands of people who are engaging in remote viewing which has provided a positive effect to their lives. Learning how to access this ability can lead to broadening your perceptions and expanding your mind to greater possibilities.

The History of Remote Viewing

The term “remote viewing” was first coined by Ingo Swann in 1971. He subsequently used the technique to accurately predict the discovery of rings around the planet Jupiter many years before they were confirmed.

Remote viewing quickly grew in popularity in the 1970s through the 1980s when the CIA and US Military began their investigations into this remarkable ability. According to those who participated, the programs were successful and documents released under the freedom of information act demonstrated that many accurate descriptions were made.

One such case was a secret crane assembly in the Soviet Union was accurately described in detail before any official photographs were taken.

Such activities may be continuing in these government organizations even as they claim they were abandoned.

What Does Remote Viewing Mean?

Basically, this is the ability to use extra sensory perception (ESP) that is within all of us to focus on a single target. Following a set of rules, the viewer can find a person, event or object that is located at some other point in time or space. Whether it is located in the next room or across the universe, the viewer can focus in on this event, person or thing.

Since everyone has within them the power of ESP, it means that anyone can learn this valuable technique. However, it is not true ESP in the sense of the phrase, but rather an ability to perceive things that may be across the table or millions of years in the future or past. Sign up an start your free sample psychic reading online.

Time and space are meaningless when it comes to remote viewing, so it’s not a question of inherent ability so much as honing the right techniques in order to make this work for anyone.

The Components of Remote Viewing

There are five elements needed for successful remote viewing. Each of these five must be in place before you can perceive people, objects or events in other places or time periods;


An Active Ability with ESP

A Distant Person, Place or Thing as your Target

The Recording of Your Perceptions

A Confirmed Positive Feedback Response

A typical session lasts roughly an hour and it requires a clear mind along with the right techniques in order to make the perceptions really come through. This is not a meditative or trance-like state. Instead it is performed while the perceiver is fully awake.

Interestingly enough, no one really knows how remote viewing actually works except that it somehow pierces space and time to reveal people, objects or events in settings that may be in another room, around the world and beyond. However, while it is not 100% effective, it is a technique that can be learned by anyone.