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Palmistry Reading Online

Also called chiromancy, palmistry is the reading of the lines located on the palms of the hands that offer insight into the person and may foretell their future. The practice of palm reading goes around the world with many variations between cultures. Those who practice the art are known as palm readers, chirologists or palmists.

Today, there are certainly different interpretations of what the lines on the palms mean and how they represent your character and the potential future events in your life.

The History of Palm Reading

The origins of palm reading begin somewhere in Asia as it has been practised by cultures from China all the way west to Ancient Israel for many thousands of years. While there is no exact origin point, it is know that palm reading was a large part of the human culture during ancient times.

Alexander the Great was known to have an intense interest in palmistry and would often analyze the lines in his officers’ hands to judge his influences and individuality.

By the Middle Ages, palm reading was beginning to go out of favor because of suppression from the Catholic Church that viewed it as paganism. By the Renaissance, palm reading had become one of the “forbidden arts”.

However, the tradition of palm reading continues to this day with many people who actively engage in the reading of the palms. While many view it as an art form more than a proven ability to read into the future, it has survived over the centuries fairly intact with only the interpretations of the lines changing depending on the origins of the palmistry training.

The Basics of Palm Reading

A palm reader will look at three basic areas of your hand, the lines, mounts and shapes to determine different aspects of your character as well as potential future events that may happen in your life. However, it is the lines that garner the most attention and are the easiest for people to read on their own.

There are four major lines on your palm, the heart, head, life and fate. The fate line can be solid, faded, broken or even non-existent on your palm, but a professional palm reader can usually find it. Any missing, chained or fragmented lines will give the palm reader clues to your personality.

The life line is one that is the most misinterpreted as it has nothing to do with how long you will live, it is more about the encounters, relationships and personal health that you will enjoy.

The heart line is also known as the love line and will help indicate your emotional state as well as your relationships to others. Also it can help predict the health of your heart as well. The head line offers insight into your wisdom and intellectual development as well.

The fate line or line of destiny indicates the choices you have made in life and how fate may play a larger role.

Overall, palmistry or palm reading is an art form that uses the lines on your palms to indicate more about who you are, how you face the world and what may lie in store for you in the future. A proper palmistry palm reading online can reveal much about you and your life. sign up for a free relationship psychic reading online.