Types Of Psychic Reading

The Top 20 Forms of Psychic Reading

For those who are looking for a bit of insight into their futures, a psychic reading may be an option. Regardless as to the subject of your curiosity, those who specialize in these readings can provide answers to the questions that you have been asking yourself.

There are many different forms of psychic reading, with each style offering a variety of ways with which your questions can be answered. Below are some of the most common areas that are often explored as well as a bit of information about them so that you can decide which option is best for you.


This method involves an astrologer who is able to predict trends in your life by using the planets as a guide depending on the current location of each planet.

Aura Readings

These readings are based upon the energy field that surrounds a person. A psychic is able to read your aura and help you get in touch with your own personal energy.


Cartomancy involves a sophisticated method of predicting the future. This method uses playing cards to reveal information regarding the past, present and future.


With this method a set of stones, bones or dice are thrown and based upon the location of the pieces thrown, the future can be predicted.


Clairvoyants are able to tap into the visions that are happening in a person’s life. They are also able to see past, present and future occurrences.


This method is similar to a clairvoyant reading except that the psychic uses an article of clothing that belongs to the person that they are reading.

Remote Viewing

Remote viewing is also similar to psychometry and clairvoyance. However, with this method the psychic is actually able to travel to another location “psychically” and describe a scene or event that occurred at that location.

Crystal Ball readings

With this method, psychics are able to view the past, present and future by looking into a crystal ball. It is also similar to psychometry, clairvoyance and remote viewing.


Clairaudience involves a psychic receiving information via sound. They are then able to translate these sounds to the person that they are reading.


This method involves a psychic who can translate information from a disembodied being such as a guide or an angel. It is often confused with mediumship, but there are some stark differences.


With mediumship, a passed love one is able to be connected to. Mediums are able to contact people who have passed and translate messages to living relatives and loved ones.


Telepathy involves reading the thoughts of others around a psychic. Psychics are able to reveal information regarding the thoughts of someone based on thoughts of the past, present and future.


This is the broadest form of psychic readings. Oftentimes, psychics of this category are able to perform multiple readings using a variety of styles.


Empath refers to someone who can control the emotions of the people around them.


With lithomancy, a psychic is able to read someone’s future by throwing gemstones or crystals to the ground and reading them based upon location, orientation and proximity.


Similar to lithomancy, I-ching is an ancient Chinese form of reading ones past, present and future by using coins to form a trigram.


Some gifted psychics are able to read someone’s future based upon looking at the palm of their hand.

Rune Readings

Also similar to I-ching and lithomancy, rune readings involve an ancient alphabet that psychics use to read someone’s future. These runes are thrown on a mat and read to determine future events before they occur.


Some psychics study numbers and decide how these numbers apply to a person’s life. Analysis is completed in a number of ways, but usually is completed using one’s name, birthdate and other key information that a person may provide.

Tarot Readings

Tarot Readings are based upon a set of 78 cards and a specialized method of reading them to determine one’s future. A tarot reader arranges these cards and uses these special arrangements to interpret what the cards mean for the client.

Choosing the right live online psychic for your needs can take a bit of time. However, with a little bit of research you can easily find an option that will help answer the many questions regarding your future. When choosing a live psychic specialist, be sure that you choose someone who has a proven track record of success. With a little bit of luck and some guidance from a professional, your answers will be answered.