The Sixth Sense

The Sixth Sense

We are all familiar with the five senses of hearing, smell, touch, sight and taste, but there has been a great deal of investigation when it comes to the sixth sense, the ability to understand people and events that go beyond our normal perception. While everyone has a sixth sense, psychics have spent time developing the ability so that it reaches beyond typical levels.

Just as someone learns to write, draw or sculpt, a psychic has developed their sixth sense ability in their own, individual way. Some psychics have developed their ability to see and hear things beyond the normal realm while others may peer into people’s thoughts while others have the power of clairvoyance and can see into things that are normally hidden.

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The History of the Sixth Sense

When it comes to psychic abilities in general, the belief goes back to the Sixth Century BC and the Greek historian Herodotus wrote about Croesus, a ruler of a kingdom which is now in modern-day Turkey, who consulted oracles for guidance into future events. Greek rulers were known to consult the Oracles of Delphi for assistance when facing a great crisis such as the invasion from the Persians.

There are many accounts over the thousands of years recording sixth sense-type events, including Abraham Lincoln who had told some of his friends that he saw his own body lying in state just before he was assassinated in April, 1865. Famous psychics such as Jean Dixon and Edgar Cayce had developed such reputations of their sixth sense and even the Soviet Union during the Cold War invested a great deal in psychics in order to gain an edge over the United States.

The Sixth Sense

Understanding the Sixth Sense Today

You can develop your sixth sense abilities with the help of a psychic to better understand the world around you. In this manner, you will learn to trust your “gut instinct” to a much greater degree and be more in tune with your own natural reactions which can either save you from making big mistakes or taking advantage of opportunities when they present themselves.

Developing this particular sense will help you make stronger connections to the universe around you and also encourage you to develop your spiritual side even more. Having this inner knowing as well as an uncanny sense of direction will help you in many different ways during your life. For many, turning to the inner self represents a new journey that will help you lead a better, more enriching life.

You can enjoy a better understanding of the sixth sense that all of us have to a certain degree when you get a free psychic reading. This type of reading will help enlighten you on the full parameters of how the sixth sense can work in your life.

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