The Law of Karma


In Sanskrit, the word “karma” means “action” which can refer to speech, mind or body according to the Buddhists. For every action we perform, we leave an imprint on our mind that generates an effect. For example if you perform actions of virtue, then you will create the conditions for more virtuous actions to happen to you. What goes around, comes around is a good philosophy when it comes to understanding the power of karma.

This is because all of our actions carry consequences whether they are big or small. Plus, there might be a considerable amount of time that passes before we see the full effects of the actions that we have taken. Whether good or bad, the actions we take in our lives carry consequences and according to karma we will have to reap what we sew.

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How to Accept Karma into Your Life

The concept of karma is a relatively simple one that places the burden of the actions we take on ourselves. So, for every positive action there will be some reward in our future while a negative action will bring about some type of consequence that may happen at some unknown point. While the concept of karma is relatively simple to understand, to fully appreciate its effect may take some time to completely comprehend.

After all, doing one positive thing does not negate a negative action as it only means that at some point you will be rewarded appropriately for your behavior in all circumstances. So, it is entirely possible that the repercussions of a negative event may outweigh that of a positive one and be separated by many months, if not years.

One aspect of karma that does get overlooked is that our past lives can catch up to us as well when you consider the positive and negative outcomes of certain events. This means that you may be experiencing a string of successes or negative events that were actually instigated by your past lives and not fulfilled until now. This means that you can affect your future lives as well by focusing on positive actions so that your future will be filled with good karma as well.


Karma as Divine Justice

You can picture karma as divine justice that offers rewards and punishment for the actions we take. We live in a world where what we do is recorded by those who live beyond this world. This means that our actions have consequences that will be dealt with in one fashion or another.
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