Universal Consciousness


Universal consciousness is a concept that can be confusing for many. The true definition of it involves the intelligent energy that is a part of everything and is made up by a unified field. This is something that is difficult to fathom because it revolves around the idea of knowing rather than having knowledge and of feeling rather than relying on data that is measurable.

Consciousness isn’t easy to measure because it is infinite and eternal. Since it can’t be measured, it is also something that cannot be understood intellectually. It is difficult for us to fathom the idea of infinity because everything that we deal with on a daily basis is so finite. One thought to keep in mind is that eternity is not the idea that time never ends. Instead, it is an absence of time, which is nearly impossible to wrap your mind around.Sign up for a free online psychic future reading.

Some of the qualities that make up universal consciousness are creativeness, all powerful, loving, intelligent, all knowing and omnipresent. These things exist regardless of the dimension of space and time that you are in. This means that it is also a part of you and is present with you as well. There is no separation between you and universal consciousness.

When it comes to intelligent energy, universal consciousness is made up of an eternal and infinite ocean of it. Every person who has ever existed is simply a small drop in that huge ocean. This means that there is impossible to determine where one person ends and the other begins because there is no separation in this type of energy.

One misconception that people have is the idea that the universe was created out of matter. In fact, it was created out of nothing. It was created from though, which is derived from certain points of consciousness. These areas of consciousness involved into a physical presence that is now seen on Earth; humans. Because of this, we have the ability to create, conceive and imagine; all because we are eternal, infinite beings.

Universal consciousness is what you are made of and it is the creative power behind everything that is possible in your life. Because of it, you are able to have expressions and make choices. You are able to achieve the things that are in your mind. Anything that you wish and dream about, you can achieve in real life as well. The idea is to get out of the way and allow yourself to do those things that you desire the most.

Since you have already developed your goals and dreams in your mind, you already have everything that you ever wanted. The key is to go out and make them appear in the physical world as well. This means that you must desire for something and to believe that you have the power to get whatever it is that you desire for. You will also need to have an expectation that the things on your mind will come true.


This is not an easy concept to grasp and we tend to limit ourselves greatly by believing that we cannot achieve certain things. Instead of viewing ourselves as a part of the entire picture, we tend to look at ourselves as a solo entity. But, it is important to note that this separation is not real and that we are all truly connected to the world.

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