Reality is Just a Point of View

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When you go for a free psychic chat with a friendly and intelligent psychic, you no doubt shall have an immediate problem that needs to be solved. Perhaps you feel unlucky in love. Maybe you feel undervalued at your job. You probably think that you are a disappointment to your parents.

There are several things that cause you unhappiness that are brought out in the free psychic chat. But really, what is the cause of all of this unhappiness?

The cause of your unhappiness is your perception of your own reality. What is reality? Your reality is something that is created by all your various viewpoints, by the choices made by you, by your decisions, your judgements and your justifications for each and every action.

That’s it. That’s what defines your “reality”. Now, if you are unhappy with your reality, and wish it was different, what should work at is to change your viewpoints, or rather, choose to change your viewpoints. Change your judgements, change your justifications and finally, change your viewpoints. Free psychic reading online right now Join psychic chat.

What is changing your viewpoints so important? What is reality after all? It is nothing but a culmination of the points of view that you have had since you were a kid. Did your parents argue all the time when you were a kid? Are your parents divorced, and did they separate when you were a child?

Did you live with your mother who had a very negative view of men, because of her disappointment with your father? Well, that has probably influenced your reality about yourself, because, if you are a guy, you would feel quite inferior about yourself, and consider yourself to be the lower end of the barrel, just like all men. And if you are a woman, you would learn to distrust all men and think that all men are creeps.

The problem here is that adult children of divorced parents, or parents who always used to fight each other, take it upon themselves to correct the wrongs done to their mother by their father, or to their father by their mother, in the way they handle their own romantic relationships. Men may end up hating women and women may end up hating men. This is viewpoint that they have created for themselves based in their past experiences. And it is exactly this viewpoint that is discussed at a free psychic chat. Sign up for free psychic reading online no cost.

What about a couple who are in a really bad marriage, but can’t get out of it? Many men in such a relationship have preferred death rather than to live any longer in such a marriage, but find themselves unable to break it. This results in a manifestation in which many men develop life threatening diseases, purely because of how they perceive their reality to be, and in this way, only end up hurting themselves even further. Wouldn’t it have been better had they changed their viewpoints instead?

What happens is that people manifest the exact outcome they try so hard to avoid. They have already created a pattern in themselves, which is copied from past experiences, and in this way become an unconscious, unknowing and unwilling copy machine spitting out the same copy that was produced by their parents, or their own past experiences.  
So here, your viewpoints, which you have picked up during the course of your life have affected your reality.

If you don’t have a successful love life or feel betrayed in a relationship, it’s probably because of the viewpoints that you have picked since you were a kid. Can you change your life? Can you change your reality? Sure, you can. Change your viewpoints first. Change your justifications, your judgements, your entire belief system. Yes, you can change your reality. This is what you learn at a free psychic chat.

Try to change your thought of yourself. Try to change your vision of your own life. Change how you make your choices, decisions and yes, change your viewpoints. You will soon notice a remarkable positive change in your life. Book your free psychic chat today. Sign Up for free psychic reading online no credit card required.