Psychic Tools

Psychic Tools

Just as every professional has certain tools which they use in their work, so do the psychics you meet at a free psychic reading online. The psychic toolbox has popular tools such as Astrology, Tarot Cards and Crystal Balls. We discuss each of these tools and tell you just why they are so important to any free psychic reading. Some Psychics simply cannot do without these Psychic tools, but their are some psychics, that use no tools at all.


“Astrology is a science in itself and contains an illuminating body of knowledge. It taught me many things and I am greatly indebted to it.” –Albert Einstein

Astrology is a unique combination of art, science and a bit of intelligent guess work. It’s a study of the positions of sun, moon and stars, and determines how they affect you and what influence they have on one’s life. Astrology has its genesis over 2500 years ago and has only gone from strength to strength since then.

While in the past, Astrology was used by kings and generals of the world to rule their kingdoms and to plan for wars, today, Astrology is available to each and every one of us. We can access our charts at a free psychic reading, seek advice on our relationships, and make decisions based on our own understanding of it, and on what we learn at the free psychic reading.

As you book a session with reputed astrologer, you will be required to present the date and time of your birth, and based on that information, the astrologer makes predictions about your future – whether at work, career or relationships.

Tarot Cards

Tarot cards are among the most popular Psychic Tools, a majority of the psychics who you meet at a free psychic reading are Tarot readers. Tarot cards are very similar to the cards used in poker games, they consist of 78 cards which are classified into minor arcanum and major arcanium. Sign up for your free tarot psychic readings online.

The Tarot reader uses these cards to predict the possible changes in your life – work, career and relationships. Tarot cards use a plenty of pictures, numbers, symbols and colors that give an excellent idea of the developments that may occur in your life – for instance – about a soul partner who you may meet in the immediate future, and how should you recognize your soul partner when you finally meet him or her.

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Crystal Balls

You may notice the use of Crystal Balls at a free psychic reading online. Crystal balls have been a part of the psychic tool since 5000 years ago, from the days when pharaohs and kings and witches used to rule the world. They help psychics to “see” the future and how effective they are depends on the clairvoyant ability of the psychic you meet at a free psychic reading.

To use the Crystal ball requires special psychic ability, which one is born with, and cannot be taught. But psychics who have that special talent and ability, are known to use the Crystal Ball to predict the developments in a person’s future with a great degree of accuracy.

Many psychics at a free psychic reading use a combination of the various psychic tools and don’t limit themselves to just one of the tools. A tarot reader could very well use astrology and a crystal ball reader could make use of both tarot cards and astrology as well to arrive at a more accurate predictions about somebody’s future.

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