Keep Your Family on a Happy Path

Keep Your Family on a Happy Path

Can you keep your family on a certain path, a path desired by you?

Can you make your kids happy by being happy yourself? Is it true that kids get agitated and start crying when their parents are upset about something? Is your kid agitated all the time and you have to plead with them to keep quiet? These are the questions you should be asking a friendly psychic at a free psychic reading online.

But you should know that keeping your family on a certain path is not a simple matter of you telling your spouse what to do, or your kids to act in a certain manner. What exactly does it mean to keep your family on a path of your liking, which ensures harmony and peace in the household?

The answer is that your kids are a psychic sponge, and although their psychic abilities are not as developed as the professional psychics, they do have lots of psychic ability. Your kids pick up on your feelings. You may not display your feelings openly, yet, your kids pick up on them.

The younger they are, the more your kids are intuitively understanding what Mom and Dad are currently going through. To get great help you may seek a free psychic reading online. Sign up for free genuine psychic readings online.

Many moms worry about their kids being too emotional, too agitated, prone to crying in public, and completely fail to understand why this is so. Indeed, this is a common question asked by moms at our free psychic reading online – “Why does my kid get agitated so often?”

Well, here’s the truthful answer. The problem here is not with your kid, but with you. When you’re full of positive energy, you let off positive vibes and your kids feed on that. Happy mothers usually have happy children. However, when you’re sad and depressed, stressed about something – perhaps about your marriage, job or your personal finance situation – your kids feed on that too.

Although you keep up an outward veneer of calm and even you keep up a smiling face, your kid will have enough psychic abilities to know that something isn’t quite right with mom, and out of an effort to reach out to you, to tell you it’s okay, she cries out.

When your kid cries out often in public, it’s because she/he wants to tell you, “Mom, it’s okay, don’t be sad..” But being so tiny and unable to express thier thoughts in words, your kid cries out, to get your attention. Children always want Mom and Dad to be happy, and when Mom and Dad aren’t happy, they are very quick to sense that and try in their own way to help.

What happens here is that your child is pulling the lower vibrations coming from you and trying to heal you, so when the energy coming out of you is negative, your child is likely to be upset. So, the happiness of your child is directly dependent on your own happiness.

Can you manifest your child to be happy? You’ll have to work on being happy yourself.
Many people don’t grasp this fundamental truth, even when told so by the psychics offering a free psychic reading online. As a parent, you must be willing to be the energy you desire to bring more of into your life. And this is how Manifesting works, too.

Use your own energy, a positive energy, born out of a peace of mind, joy and bliss, and feel it getting vibrated to your child. Most children are naturally quiet. And when they get positive vibes from their mom and dad, they feel at peace and happy as well.

So how you program your self is very important to ensure the happiness and good behaviour of your child.
This is particularly so when you’re pregnant. When you’re pregnant and under a great deal of stress, the child within you absorbs that.

If you’re depressed or bitter about something when you’re pregnant, your child absorbs that. Children are magnets that attract your feelings, you must be happy at least for your kids. For more on how your feelings affect your children and how to bring your family up on a certain path, book a free instant online psychic reading. Sign up