Affirmations for Love

Affirmations for Love

One of the most common reasons for people seeking a free online psychic reading is the inability to attract love in their life. How about you?

Do you feel that your love life could be better?

Do you think you should have somebody special in your life and yet, because of some reason or the other, your relationships keep breaking apart?

Do you feel that your partner does not treasure you enough?

Do you feel ignored in your relationship?

If your answer to any of the questions is yes, do book a free online psychic reading, where an explanation will be given about where exactly you’re going wrong with your life and how to change things around.

The most important thing you learn in a free online psychic reading is the importance of affirmation or the importance of the Word. Your Word is powerful – use it well. It has the power of bringing a soul mate in your life, much sooner than you could imagine.

At a free online psychic reading, the psychic will look into your history and tell you just why love isn’t abundant in your life. Are you blocking love in your life? And why is that so? Why are you blocking love?

“What you think, you become” – said the Gautam Buddha, perhaps the greatest spiritual teacher that the world has known. Has it ever crossed your mind that when you think negative thoughts such as, “I don’t have time for romance right now”, “all the good ones are taken”, that actually turns out to be true?

When you criticize or stereotype entire groups of men and women, don’t you think the negativity being sent out by you keeps a potential soulmate away?

Relationship problems are often the biggest issues that psychics deal with in a free online psychic reading. Often, relationships break down because of negativity. Do you disrespect your partner, show resentment, pass snide remarks, use bitter sarcasm, show jealousy?

The negative feelings in your relationship cause low vibrations which result in considerable damage. That is why being aware of your Word is so important. Your Word is nothing but an Affirmation for Love.

At any free online psychic reading, you’ll be told that there are the three rules that are important in the affirmation of love:

# Your partner picks up on your vibration.

# The special person in your life reflects how you feel about yourself and how you feel about the world.

# Don’t expect to receive love unless you give it.

Next, change your thoughts and emotions and make them same as your Affirmations of Love. Consciously change your inner and outer speech to create a feeling of love within you.

How to make Affirmations of Love work for you?

# As you get up in the morning, imagine a special person lying next to you in bed. Just feel the warmth and love of that person. Feel as though you are completely in love with him or her.

# Try to imagine the presence of a special person in your life, someone you well and truly love. Does that special person make you feel happy, safe, comforted, content, loved, grateful? Try to feel these positive emotions.

# Say these Affirmations of Love in your own mind.


1. I am with my beloved.
2. I have found my perfect wife/husband and I am happy.
3. I can see my partner with my eyes and I love him/her.
4. Our relationship has never been better
5. I attract love in my life.
6. My partner and I are perfectly happy together.
7. I am happy to give my partner, my unconditional love.
8. I love, respect and cherish my love.
9. I radiate love.
10. I desire love.

Remember, your Affirmations of Love should always be in the present tense. You may speak out these Affirmations of Love in your own mind, you don’t have to speak them out aloud. There should be no negativity in your affirmations.

They should always be positive. Use visualizations as much as you can. And finally, always have a smile on your face. For more great advice on this, book a free online personal psychic readings. Sign up