Indigos & Crystals

Indigos & Crystals

Indigo and Crystal are labels used to describe highly intuitive children. Children who are Indigos or Crystals absorb the environment around them. When other people around them are happy, they tend to be happy.

If the people around them are unhappy, that percolates in the behaviour of the Indigo and Crystal kids as well, as they become unhappy, irritable and sad.

That is why it is so important to raise Indigo and Crystal kids in a happy environment, as they pick up the high vibrational field and become calmer and with a pleasant demeanour.

If you believe that your child could be an Indigo or Crystal, or that you yourself display some of the characteristics we are going to talk about in this article, you’ll do well to have a reading at our live psychic chat rooms free. Read on for more information on Indigos and Crystals.

The Indigo Kids

If you have a kid who is highly intuitive, don’t be scared. Talk about him or her at our live psychic chat rooms for free, with an experienced psychic. Indigo kids are here to change the planet, their job is to end the dysfunction we have in our world and to raise the vibration. Sign up for free psychic chat rooms no credit card.

Indigo kids have the color indigo in their aura, which is a frequency of light. This frequency of light burns things that are dark or untrue.
The awareness I received is they are here to change the planet. They’re here to end dysfunction on this planet and raise the vibration.

The first Indigos are believed to have been born in the 1970s, and then we had more Indigos in the 1980s and 1990s. Most have reached adulthood now, and more continue to be born or are still in their childhood. Many of the things that have happened – such as the 2008 economic recession – is because of a dysfunction in our society.

The reason they have come to light could be because of increased vibration caused by the Indigo kids, who raise the vibration around them till the darkness is exposed.

Indigo kids have a very strong truth center, they spread truth, light, happiness, higher vibrational fields all around them, around our planet, so that the darkness gets exposed and we move on to a brighter new world, or a new age, where things are fair, things are just and profit or money is not the main motive behind everything that happens.

Having an Indigo child in your family is a blessing. Discuss more of this at our live psychic chat rooms free, with a warm and friendly psychic.

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The Crystal Kids

Crystal kids are of a different frequency of light than Indigo kids. They reach their full potential a little later than Indigo kids. Crystal kids are warmer, lighter, full of pleasant energy, kind, generous, loving, with a high vibrational field around them.

Crystal kids have a healing capacity and can heal everybody around them, but they are a lot more effective in a calm and happy family environment, as they become easily irritable. They love nature, animals, going outdoors and the whole world around them. Crystal kids are highly sensitive to food and chemicals in food – food dyes, chemicals.

They cannot stand unhappiness in other people because of their extremely sensitive nature, and try to heal people around them.

So you can always have a talk with a psychic at our live psychic chat rooms for free to find out if your kid is exhibiting characteristics of Crystal children. And it is also important that your family works together to raise that consciousness, so that it’s not just your kid trying to heal other people.

Finally, whether your child is an Indigo or a Crystal, you must understand that his or her special abilities are a blessing and not a curse. You must treasure your children and help them achieve their goals in life. Always be open to a reading with an intelligent psychic who knows a lot about these things and the issues affecting your kid at our free live psychic chat rooms.

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