What Is a Psychic?

What Is a Psychic

Before you book a free online psychic chat, you would probably want to know what or who is a psychic? You see psychics on TV, you read about them in books, see stories and reports about psychics in magazines and newspapers, but who are they really?

There are any number of people who claim to have psychic powers, you see any number of Tarot card readers on the internet.

Should you have free online psychic chat with them?

Well, first, you need to understand a few things about psychics, the different types of psychics and how they can help you. While the role of a psychic has been compared to that of a counselor, there are certain differences.

Anybody can become a counselor with an education, but to be a psychic you must be blessed with certain powers – it cannot be taught to you, it must come from within.

So how do you choose a psychic?

How do you know who to have a free online psychic chat with?

Perhaps, someone who’s had a plenty of training, experience, and intuitive? Whoever you have a free online psychic chat with, you must make sure that the psychic is somebody you can trust, respect and build a rapport with.

You wouldn’t want to have a free online psychic chat with a psychic who doesn’t have a connection with you. Your personal connection with the psychic is most important. Sign up for free online psychic readings live chat.

What are the different types of psychics with whom you can have a free online psychic chat with? We talk about the three most popular categories of psychics in this article.

Tarot Card Reader: 

Tarot readers use a deck of 78 cards. 22 of the cards are Major Arcana and 22 of the cards are Minor Arcana. These cards are a lot like a normal deck of playing cards.

They are shuffled by the Tarot readers, then drawn, and then placed in positions on a table. For a Tarot card reading, 3 cards are drawn, one each for the past, present and future.

Each of the cards drawn would take on a specific meaning which would depend on which section they are placed under. A tarot reader looks at the cards and the describes a situation from their understanding of what the cards say. Tarot readers use their intuition and mind to get more meaning. Tarot readers may not have the ability to communicate with spirits.


A majority of psychics are clairvoyant. Nobody has an adequate explanation for what makes these psychic clairvoyant, but some suggest that psychics see with the mind’s eye. The psychic will see visions and may also hear words spoken in their mind. What’s rare is for a psychic to see externally. Such psychics see a vision in front of them or elsewhere in the room.


A medium is a psychic who can sense spirits, a spirit being a person who has died and has since crossed over to the spirit world. Mediums can communicate with spirit and pass a message from the spirit to someone requesting the message. The Medium senses both internally when being clairvoyant and also externally.

Mediums see visions of a spirit person which is similar to what clairvoyants do, but the way a medium communicates differs. A medium’s conversation is not too different from that of a telephone conversation. Mediums pass you the message, but you won’t hear what’s being said.

We hope the information given here is useful to you and you now know what to expect when you go for a free online psychic chat,