Astrology Better Than Horoscope?


How Is Astrology Reading Better Than Just Reading My Horoscope?

Astrology reading can be in various ways more effective, precise and more direct-to-the-point than just reading one’s own horoscope for a variety of factors that make astrology reading more interesting. In order to first understand the science and art of astrology reading, it is very important to first undertake the overall approach of astrology reading by psychics and compare it to the overall nature and characteristics of reading the horoscope.

First of all, astrology reading is mainly a tool used by psychic advisor’s in order to tap into certain patterns in an individual’s life that are revealed by the sun, moon, planets and other celestial bodies in the space. These revealed patterns offer a distinctive analysis for psychics to effectively redirect them to the overall occurrences in a person’s life.

Most of these patterns offer an overall glance to see sequential patterns and cause-and-effect relationships between what occurred in the past, what is happening right now in the present and will happen in the future.

Psychic advisor’s always tend to analyse these patterns based on astrological approaches and steps, where subsequent steps allow the recognition of these patterns and give the response of why things happened the way they did in a person’s life and what are the potential probabilities in the future.

Psychic advisor’s use astrological readings in order to sum up and predict future events in a person’s life. Individuals that are interested in undertaking an astrological reading are often asked about specific dates in their lives such as their birthday, wedding date, their children’s birthdays, certain dates where major life changing events occurred and other important dates.

Psychic readers then create a chart that is prepared with these specific dates that are provided by the individual and then through careful analysis, the chart will give the specific positions of the sun, the moon, planets and other celestial bodies in those specific dates.

Based on their given specific positions in those particular dates and their future positions and projections, psychic readers can track present occurrences that happened in the past and what the future may bring to an individual’s life.

What is also unique and highly interesting about astrological reading is that the position of these celestial bodies can also represent specific information about the overall motivation, desires, personalities, choices and decisions and how all of these combined affect the path by which individuals are affected in their lives either positively or negatively. Sign up for free psychic chat rooms reading.

History of Astrology Readings

Astrology is one of the oldest sciences in the world that are still practised today, and that also has one of the longest and richest histories from all the tools used in psychic and spiritual readings. Early signs of adoption cite that Greece was among the first countries and respective civilizations that used astrology and its readings. Ancient and medieval astrologers immensely developed the practice of astrology during this time and consequently allowed further adaptation around the world up to this day.


Astrology and Horoscope Comparison

The most popular astrology reading is the horoscope which is based on the individual’s zodiac sign. There are twelve zodiac signs that correspond to twelve different periods of the year, by which the zodiac sign pertinent to the individual depends in his or her birth-date. Horoscope readings can predict a particular outcome on a short-term basis which could be in one day, one week, a month or within a year. However, they tend to be very general since the zodiac sign is based on the general masses of people in the world who share the same zodiac sign.

Knowing the current characteristics and applications of astrology and psychic readings, it is better for all individuals to fully consider the great and potential benefits of engaging in astrological readings based on their effectiveness, clarity and preciseness that go beyond of what most horoscope readings can offer in terms of analysing the present and the future.

In order to come up with a specific astrology reading, there has to exist a connection between one’s own birthday and the analysis of the celestial bodies toward that specific number; sun signs, horoscope signs or zodiac signs are not the basis for a reliable astrological reading but rather the one’s own day of birth.

The more details about a specific date of birth come into consideration, the more powerful the results could be from a specific astrological reading, these could the exact time and place of birth.

Astrology readings encompass a powerful tool that enables a reliable understanding of one’s own identity and position in this world based on a wide number of factors, given that these factors can help any individual analyse his or her past and make predictions about the future. An astrology reader can help any individual to access a deep analysis and formulate a surprising answer about the future in any life endeavour.

The Powerful Practice for a Powerful Astrology Reading

An astrology reading is very simple to undertake, an individual just needs to give the astrologer their birth information and the astrologer will then be able to properly read a specific chart and provide accurate insight to the future foretelling’s that may be considered in the future.

We highly recommend all individuals currently facing a difficult situation in their lives, uncertainty and doubt about the future to fully consider the powerful effects of a psychic reading involving astrological approaches in order to determine the precise answer that they are looking for.

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