The Spirit World

The Spirit World

What is life after death like?
Is there really “life” after death?
What’s the spirit world? Who are the spirits?

These are questions that each one of us has thought about at some point in our lives. What may happen to us after we die is something of an obsession with most of us. Afterlife is also the focus of all religions – with each of the major world religions offering its own take on the Afterlife and the Spirit World.

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While the psychic mediums who communicates with the spirits during a free online psychic reading have “some” knowledge of the Spirit World, nobody can claim to have “full” knowledge. But there are a few psychics who have really gained a lot of expertise through their communication with the Spirit World, and here’s what they say about it:

1. The Spirit World is not much different from our own world. Just as we work, sleep and rest – so do the spirits. The common notion that spirits would be playing music all day and all night long is very much mistaken.

2. Spirits are very much a part of our world, they don’t reside in the clouds or extra-terrestrial space. Indeed, we could as well touch the spirits, contact them if we had a better understanding of their world. But that would require you to be very knowledgeable about the working of our world and the Universe.Not many people have this sort of knowledge, but there are many psychics who you may meet at a free online psychic reading, who may have a very good understanding of it.

3. The Spirit World is different from our world as it is made of “fine matter”. Our world is made of “dense matter”. Spirits can pass through our world because fine matter can pass through dense matter.

4. Spirits do everything we do – listen to music, dance, sing songs, talk, communicate – but they cannot make themselves known to most of us, and we lack the capacity to identify them.

5. Spirits sleep just the way we do. Indeed, there is no difference between sleep in the Spirit World than from our own world. Spirits actually dream as well, just as we do.

6. Spirit Guides are similar to the psychic mediums you meet at a free online psychic reading, and are great at communicating with the Spirit World. They are different from the psychic mediums
with whom you have a free psychic reading with because they work on a much higher frequency, which makes the Spirit World more clear to them. This makes it possible for them to help people in need.

7. When you enter the Spirit World, you’re still likely to carry over your connection to your old world. Your memories will remain intact, and you’ll always maintain your connection with the loved ones in the old world. And when your loved ones – partner, siblings or children enter the Spirit World themselves after having left the old world, they’re likely to remain close to you in their new world.

8. Do you know how the Neutrino particles present in light can pass through rocks? This has been a major new discovery of scientists. Is it, hard to imagine that there’s a lot in our world which is not visible not only to the naked eye, but also to the best of our technologies?

9. We cannot locate spirits because they are present at a frequency of light that is beyond the capacity of any technology known to us. Indeed, the Spirit World is not separated from our world, but lies in conjunction with it. We lack the capacity to identify it, so far. But who’s to say that we cannot know more about them in the future, as our science develops and technology becomes more sophisticated?

The Spirit World is a highly evolved world. You don’t have to fear it at all. There is no reason to be afraid of anything. Just learn to accept that there are things for which you may have no explanation at the moment and you’ll be fine. Indeed, life is far easier in the Spirit World, so you have nothing to worry about, and don’t be afraid for a loved one who has just passed away. To know more about the Spirit World or about a loved one who is no longer with you, book a free online psychic reading today with a psychic medium.