Psychic Mediums of the Past

There have been many psychic mediums who have served their communities all around the world. Most of whom have done their work out of the limelight offering their visions of the future, free psychic reading and other services which have been appreciated by untold millions of people.

However, a few have achieved real fame thanks to their extraordinary psychic abilities. These particular psychics have been revered for putting their own, individual imprint on how the profession is pursued and the influence that they’ve had in general.

Betty Shine
Betty realized most of her fame thanks to her writing ability. She authored many books that ranged from the Free Spirit to Mind Magic and more. For many, she helped to shape how psychics were viewed with her informative series of books and yet retained a rather old fashioned approach that helped to endear her to many people. Her books are still viewed today as important parts of the psychic experience and her warm, inviting writing still makes an enjoyable read.

Harry Edwards

Born in 1893, Harry came into prominence during the 1930s and 1940s and was known mostly for his healing ability. However, his psychic work was still considered a strong part of his overall personality and presentation to the public. His healing work that began in his home was eventually moved to the Burrows Lea Healing Sanctuary where he helped many people which his remarkable abilities. So strong was his reputation that people from all over the world wrote to him thanks to his famous “healing minute” that he would deliver each day at 10pm so that the sick and the ill could feel his healing power during his special meditation period. He also wrote books, most notably The Power of Healing to Intelligent Healing which is filled with his own insights and giving spirit.

Doris Stokes

Arguably the most famous psychic from England in the 20th century, her name is well known to those who have little to no knowledge about psychics. This is because her amazing abilities were on display to thousands of people in auditoriums and theaters across the UK. She was considered very accessible thanks to her humble background and often performed at the Palladium for spiritualist churches and organizations. Her fame was such that she has helped influence how many psychics apply their craft and she was a very popular author as well.

Other famous psychics include Arthur Findlay the founder of Stanstead Hall which is a college of psychic sciences to which a spiritualist church inherited the hall after his death. There is also Grace Cooke who is famous for her famed White Eagle spirit guide books have reached many people in the England and well beyond. She is one of many psychics that offered her wisdom to generations of people who now have access to more modern means of getting psychic assistance. From getting a free psychic reading to having your future foretold to all sorts of psychic assistance which many people benefit from today and have used for the betterment of their well being.