Aspects of Astrology

Aspects of Astrology

When it comes to astrology, it is a subject that is far more involved that just what you read in your daily newspaper. Astrology is an ancient art form that psychics have been using for centuries in helping people discover more about their lives and influences.

To understand astrology, it is helpful to know about the planets, houses, signs and phases of the moon that have influence over your life.

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The Planets, Houses & Signs

There are ten planets that are considered part of astrology with the Earth being left out because the other planets will influence life upon our own. The ninth and tenth planet is the sun and the moon respectively. A planet is represented by a particular sign and house that it rules.

The planets have their own particular traits such a Jupiter which represents prosperity and leadership while Saturn demonstrates the limitations of our beings.

The movement of the planets is important in astrology because their alignment along with the courses they take hold influence over our lives. For example, if Mars is in retreat, then we will experience more conflicts. Sign up for free chat room with psychic.

There are twelve houses that are found in the astrological chart or Zodiac, each of which represents a particular part of our lives such as career, family or romance. To understand what each house is and what it represents is very important to interpreting how the planets influence our lives in relation to their positioning.

You may have noticed that there are two more houses than planets which mean that they are vacant and represent the things which are unimportant in your life.

The sun signs are arguably the most recognizable part of the Zodiac as they are based roughly on the months of the year. You are probably familiar with some of their names such as Sagittarius, Scorpio, Libra, Ares and the like. The sun signs are used to create the horoscopes you see on a daily basis.

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The Signs of the Moon

In addition to the sun signs there are twelve moon signs as well used in the interpretation of astrology. These include the phases of the moon as well with the signs named after the ones of the sun, but they do not meet very often. Since the signs of the moon are in circulation on a monthly basis which reflects the moon’s orbit around the Earth, the signs are reflected upon monthly instead of yearly.

Once per month a sign of the Zodiac will occur during a sign of the moon for one to three days. This is the time in which a person’s clarity of thought is at their best. Conversely, when the sign of the moon is opposite from the sign of the sun there will be conflict.

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